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IMG_20160121_133417.jpgLife long learner first, husband second, father third.  I have been married for 11 years and a father to two awesome boys for 6 and 4 years.  I am a University of British Columbia graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Geography/History), Bachelor of Education – Social Studies and have an undeclared Diploma in Criminology.  I am a Vice-Principal at Brookswood Secondary School in Langley BC.  I am interested in Modern Education (aka 21st Century) teaching and learning, leadership, and innovation in education.

My educational goals are to numerous.  I want to be a better leader for my district and school.  I want to create an environment for students that they want to be in – if students didn’t have to be there, would teachers be teaching in an empty classroom (Teach Like a Pirate).  I want to empower learners, take risks with learners, fail with learners all in the pursuit of life long learning.  I want to create a positive experiences for learners in classrooms and subjects that will provide meaningful learning.

My passion has been reignited after reading (in no particular order) – Creativity Inc, Growth Mindset, Innovator’s Mindset, Pure Genius, Flat Army, Teach Like a Pirate and Learn Like a Pirate.  I hate reading and honestly couldn’t put these books down.  I guess one could say I was engaged and motivated.  I would highly recommend these books to anyone who shares my goals or simply wants to be a better teacher and person.

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