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The Power of “YET”

An interesting discussion during my Master’s class this past weekend.  The issue of “Yet” and how we are affecting our students ability of getting beyond “Yet”.

Your students haven’t learnt that…“Yet”

Your students haven’t understood that…”Yet”

Your students haven’t developed that skill…”Yet”

Your students just aren’t there…“Yet”

What gets us this “yet” statement.  A couple of things we need to consider.  One: students develop at different times/stages of life.  We have arbitrarily said Kindergarten starts when you are 5 and you progress to the next grade etc. and “graduate” at 17 years of age.  But when we think of our own lives most of us honestly can’t say that at 14, 16, 17 or even 20 that we were reflective, truly critical thinkers, risk-takers, or even handed in all of our work in on time etc.  But we expect our students to be there and hold them to a standard that most just aren’t there….”Yet”.  Second, we have set deadlines for our students to illustrate what they have learned; whether those deadlines are term ends, tests or even due dates.  When they fail a test, don’t hand work in on ‘time’ or can’t get an essay written in the proper structure we penalize them.  Ever considered that they just aren’t there “YET” and need more time to learn.  I believe that if we reflect on the “Yet” we will see the power of redos, retests, assignments we are giving our students and hopefully our individual examination of the “issue of grades.”  So for the students who are failing, or those C students…consider that they are just not there YET and think about what you can do to get them there in the few weeks we have left!

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