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I have struggled with feedback and what it means for the majority of my career.  I always thought that it was limited to when I handed back a test and we went over the answers, or during an essay when I would mark them on a 6pt rubric and offer written ideas on how to improve or think of other points to include.  I am now rethinking how and when I do feedback.

Feedback, I have learned, is more powerful in the moment (as long as I do not interrupt them “in the moment”), that it is often more powerful if done verbally and in the form of an inquiry question to make the student go deeper.  I have also found collaborative feedback among classmates is often more beneficial for learning than anything I could every say/do (peer review/assessment or simply inquiry based learning).  Try some of these tips that I have found on Pinterest and Twitter and challenge yourself to provide meaningful, growth focused feedback.Formative feedback


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